Sports Betting

Advanced Sports Betting Solutions

A fully integrated international betting technology company providing an innovative, world-class betting platform
(ELYS Game Board) for both B2B and B2C leisure gaming operators.

Seasonal Events

Live Events

Points of Sale

Sports Betting Odds

  • More than 150,000+ events per season with 90,000 of them live
  • Highly competitive spectrum suite of bets, sports events and gaming accoutrements
  • “Game tracker” module allows players to watch all events with continuous real-time information
  • Live Streaming coverage for major sports

Digital Advantage

  • Pre-game and live center web form channel
  • Mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Gaming modules have an extraordinary array of features that simplify account balance
  • Flexible interface that can be adapted to the needs of each land based client

The Win for Operators

  • Odds customization and board management, minimum/maximum limits and bonuses
  • Risk management and monitoring tools
  • Administration of multi-level agents and affiliates

The Win for End Users

  • Extensive pre-game and live game schedules
  • Live streaming available for many sporting events
  • User-friendly and product-focused gaming client software
  • Detailed reporting on account balances and stakes

Advanced technology enables your team
to focus on driving growth and producing outstanding results.