Virtual Betting

We provide our customers with the most realistic virtual betting experiences! From American Roulette to a realistic race, your customers will experience the thrill of betting all day, everyday. The fun never ends with virtual betting content.

Bet Combinations

Game Products

Points of Sale

With our back office, your team can:

  • Create and manage commercial networks with multiple levels
  • Assign commission plans to each network and betting location
  • Access a detailed and complete information data service
  • Export files in a variety of formats
  • See what customers are betting as they bet, in real-time

With our retail application, your shops can:

  • Create employee accounts and manage individual access and permissions
  • Create self-service terminals and customize the bet limits offered
  • Apply filters to the bet list to monitor the cash flows of each employee and terminal
  • Use a barcode reader to quickly verify the result of each bet and print a receipt of payment
  • Produced a detailed analysis of the game volumes for an entire commercial network

With our betting interface, your clients can:

  • Place more than 30 different types of bets
  • Make combined bets on different sports and on current and/or future events
  • Create system bets with up to 100,000 combinations
  • Manage and print coupons using a mouse or quick shortcuts
  • Use the random selector to let the system choose a quick bet

Ever growing content & betting options including:

  • American Roulette
  • Virtual Football
  • Greyhound Racing
  • Horse Racing
  • Keno
  • Colours

Customers will experience products that offer high resolution animation with unrivaled realism as well as the best pre-recorded events.

Virtual betting expertise

  • Specializes in the production and distribution of highly advanced platforms for virtual betting
  • 15+ years of sports betting expertise allows us to create content that is attentive to the needs of our customers and meets the demands of their consumers
  • The Elys Game Virtual Generation technology uses unsurpassed betting management software that’s flexible, customizable and adapts to a variety of companies and markets